Quality Lacrosse Gear Direct to You

Primo's lean, direct to consumer approach, allows us to reduce costs often associated with the typical lacrosse company’s distribution model. In turn, we pass those savings along to our customers.

Our mission is simple, bring high-quality gear options to the market at an affordable price point.

What people are saying!

High Quality at an Excellent Price!!

My sons have been using Primo Lacrosse carbon fiber handles for a few seasons now. We have put these shafts through the gauntlet and battle tested them. There is no doubt they are durable. They perform consistently on shots and we love the clean minimalist look. We have purchased several shafts over the last few seasons and have always been happy with the quality and great customer service provided by David and the Primo Lacrosse team. If you're in the market for a quality carbon fiber shaft at a fair price provided by a company that stands behind their products, look no further. You can't go wrong with a Primo handle. Kudos to the Primo Lacrosse Team!!

Emery L. Primo Customer

Very great company! The quality of this stick is top 3 out there.

I'm part of the blue collared working class, so all of this lacrosse equipment is all expensive as all hell. So it's nice to finally of found a company that has the same quality of the "top" name brands for a very reasonable price. My son has been playing for 6 yrs and as soon as he got this stick in his hands, it was like putting on Jordans he said.

Mark A. Primo Customer

A ton of value for the price

This handle is only 1 oz heavier than the Dragonfly 9 at more than half the price. It doesn’t have the tacky feel or some of the flex technologies, but for elite youth field and box this is the best value handle on the market. My son first found it being used at the DU summer camp. When his Dragonfly failed after the warranty period this is the handle we bought as a replacement. Totally worth it. Buy two and have a backup stick.

Sean G. Primo Customer

I picked up two

Both my son and I love the shafts. When I tell people how much I got them for, the first response is that’s cheap. Some people associate cheap price with low quality. This shaft is far from low quality, the big names are just ripping people off.

Hugo C. Primo Customer

Outstanding product!!

Great feel and flex with excellent strength. The price is the most affordable carbon fiber available.

Douglas D. Primo Customer

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