Top 5 Free Resources to Help Sharpen Your Lacrosse Skills During These Crazy Times

In an effort to help stay sane and put your focus on a more positive outlet; we've compiled a list of free resources you can utilize to help sharpen your skills during this quarantine period. 

These are some of the best we’ve come across in terms of overall content and value and cover a wide variety of drills for every position, workouts, and X’s & O’s to help improve your overall lax IQ. 

1. Coaching Through Cancellation

Coaching Through Cancellation is a new Youtube Channel derived from the COVID19 pandemic and features “Daily drills from college coaching staffs across the country to help both individuals and teams stay connected to the game through this tough time.”

The Coaching Staff featured in these videos are from the following D1 Colleges: 

Army, Bryant, Cornell, Denver, Hobart, Johns Hopkins, Lehigh, Maryland, North Carolina, Richmond, St. Joseph’s, Towson, UMBC, Furman, Jacksonville, High Point, Penn State and more.

Here is a great opportunity to learn from Coaches at the highest level of College Lacrosse.  Get instant access to drills that are performed at the D1 level.  Some of these drills are more team-focused, but there are plenty in which one can do them on your own in the backyard or by a nearby park.  We are super impressed by the quality content delivered in this youtube series and it continues to expand on a daily basis. Much of the content is fresh and features drills you have most likely not seen before and bring new ideas that you implement to help take your game to the next level. 

Check their youtube channel here and subscribe to be notified when they release a new video. 


You can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter at the below handles:

Instagram: coachthrucancel 
Twitter: @CoachThruCancel.

2. Deemer Class - First Class Lacrosse

Deemer Class and his team which includes fellow PLL players Christian Cuccinello & Matt McMahon are some of the best at studying and breaking down the best players in the game; Focusing on what they do best and teaching those moves and concepts. 

Deemer and First Class Lacrosse go beyond teaching the traditional typical fundamentals involved with dodging and breakdowns more elite moves including “The Answer Dodge”, deceptive shooting, re-dogding, bounce moves, and much more. 

Many of these tutorials and lessons are featured free on their youtube channel linked below as well as their Instagram & Twitter accounts. 

Links to these accounts are listed below: 

Twitter: @firstclasslax_
Instagram: firstclasslacrosse 


Paid subscriptions and access to additional online training videos including drill libraries, film breakdowns, and webinars is also available at their website linked below at affordable rates. 

This features not only offensive tutorials from the First Class team, but also includes defensive training from PLL Archers & Team USA defenseman Matt McMahon.   


3. The Attack Academy App - A3 Lacrosse

Two attack greats Rob Pannel & Grant Ament have teamed up to deliver an app that features tons of tons of free drills and lessons on Wall Ball, Dodging, Shooting, Footwork, and More. 

There are also paid options to unlock certain video series and you can subscribe to an affordable monthly plan which unlocks all videos and includes audio feedback from Rob & Grant breaking down videos you submit to help provide guidance for you to improve your game. 

Visit the following link to download the App on your device:

4. Lax Goalie Rat - Coach Damon Wilson

For goalies looking to sharpen their skills, Lax Goalie Rat and Coach Damon Wilson is an awesome resource. 

The Lax Goalie Website has tons of free content that can help you improve your game between the pipes including 11 free posts that cover but are not limited to the following topics: 

  • The Basics of Making a Save
  • The Perfect Goalie Stance
  • Angles & Arc Play
  • Communicating on Defense
  • Goalie Workout
  • And Much More

You can find links to all this free content on their website listed below:


Coach Damon also has a podcast that features some of the best goalies and coaches in the game, including PLL Redwoods All-Star Tim Troutner, Jack Kelly, & Jacob Stover.

This is a great opportunity to listen and learn from the goalies that have had success at the highest level. 


Stay updated on all their latest content releases by following them on Youtube, Instagram, & Twitter accounts listed below: 


Instagram: laxgoalierat
Twitter: @laxgoalierat

In addition to the free content Coach Damon also has a more in-depth paid online Training Camp available at the below link: 

Online Goalie Camp:

5. PLL Academy - Defenseman Kyle Hartzell

If you’ve been following him on social media recently, Kyle and the PLL Academy has been posting tons of free defensive drills and workouts one can do on their own during this isolation period. These posts include instructional videos & drills on topics like defensive positioning, Throwing Checks, Footwork & Reaction Drills, and Bodyweight Workouts you can perform at home. 

Check out this awesome free content below at Kyle’s and the PLL Academy’s social media handles below:

Instagram: khartzell81
Twitter: @Khartzell81
Instagram: pllacademy
Twitter: @PLL_Academy

The entire PLL Instructional Series can be found on the PLL’s youtube channel below. 


We hope this post has given you some new resources you did not know of previously to help improve your game.  

If you've enjoyed this post, please share it with someone who could benefit. 

Lastly, we're always looking to add more value to our customers.  Please comment below or drop us a line at on what other types of content and posts you are looking to see. 

Thanks for reading, stay safe, and keep working on your game!

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