Improve Your Conditioning In No Time With Cosgrove’s Evil 8 Barbell Complex

Need some help in improving your conditioning in this off-season? Incorporate this barbell complex into your normal strength and conditioning program for fast results in very little time.

What is a Barbell Complex?

A barbell or dumbbell complex is essentially a series of exercises performed back to back for the prescribed rep range utilizing one barbell, or a pair of dumbbells throughout the entire routine.

Benefits of Performing Barbell Complexes:

  • Improves cardiovascular capacity
  • Boosts your muscular endurance
  • Takes little time to perform

In the words of Alwyn Cosgrove, "complexes elevate metabolism beyond anything you've ever experienced before.”

The Workout: Cosgrove’s Evil 8

 INSTRUCTIONS: Perform each of the below exercises in succession starting with 6 reps per exercise resting 90 seconds in between rounds. Each round you complete, reduce the number of reps per exercise by 1 until (6 rounds total).

  1. Deadlift
  2. Romanian Deadlift
  3. Bent-over Row
  4. Power Clean
  5. Front Squat
  6. Push Press
  7. Back Squat
  8. Good Morning

Closing Comments/Tips:

  • Pick a weight you can do the entire workout. If you’re not used to doing this type of complex starting with just the Olympic bar will do.
  • Use as your main workout, warm-up, or to finish your workout off.
  • Be sure to record your weight used and total time to complete to track your progress.

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