One-handed Wall Ball Challenge

Getting bored while on quarantine? Give this one-handed wall ball routine a try.  

This routine is sure to challenge you and give your forearms a workout. Expect them to be sore the day after completing this routine. 

Performing this routine over time, expect to see an improvement to your wrist dexterity which will lead to better overall stick control and shot power.


  1. One-cradle & Out
  2. Quick Stick
  3. Cross-handed Catch
  4. Bottom Hand
  5. Behind the Back
  6. Around the World
  7. Behind the Back Catch

A video example of exercise can be seen below.

Perform 20 reps for each drill. Remember to always perform each exercise with each hand & always wear gloves.

Can't do 20 reps right away?  Start with 5 and slowly build-up the reps. This routine is great to do by itself, or before or after your normal routine. 

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