Josh Neumann's The 4-Week Advantage Lacrosse Specific Training Program

Recently, Josh Neumann, a lacrosse coach, and strength and conditioning coach based in Vancouver, BC contacted us sharing a free training program that he put together while in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic.

Josh created this program called "The 4-Week Advantage" as a gift to the lacrosse community and was kind enough to share it with us so that we could share it to our own Primo community. 

What is great about this program is that it is completely customizable to the specific goals and skills you are trying to develop as a lacrosse player. 

"The 4-Week Advantage" is a template, with detailed examples that you can utilize to craft a program that is unique to your needs.  

To get your free copy, click the link below. 

English Version:

 Japanese Version: 

Looking for more helpful training tips to enhance your game, follow Josh on Instagram @coachneumann.  Link is below.

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