Primo Lacrosse was founded by Dave Monroe. As a former collegiate lacrosse player and current coach, frustrated with the inadequate lacrosse gear being sold at increasing prices and after snapping and denting countless $140 lacrosse shafts, that carry a laughable warranty policy, Dave felt there had to be a better way. 

After researching the market, and realizing many of the big brand names in lacrosse are utilizing the same manufacturing processes to produce their product and discovering the actual cost to produce these products was far less than one might assume, Dave set out to create a business model that is more customer-focused and allows us to bring a more competitively priced product without sacrificing quality.  

Primo's lean, direct to consumer approach, allows us to reduce costs often associated with the typical lacrosse company’s distribution model. In turn, we pass those savings along to our customers.  

Today, Primo continues to innovate and raise the bar to bring the best highest tech & quality lacrosse shafts to the market, all while staying true to our roots.

Our mission is simple, bring high-quality gear options to the market at an affordable price point.