Sr. Carbon Composite Hockey Stick Pre-Order

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This is a pre-order, stick will launch/ship June 24th. 

Lightweight, durable, affordable.  Everything you need, nothing you don't.  True one-piece hockey stick constructed with high-quality carbon composite materials from Toray Industries. 

Key Features:

  • 18k carbon fiber outer weave for added durability without sacrificing feel or adding weight. 
  • Grip or no Grip Options
  • Weight 420 Grams 
  • Mid-Kick Point
  • Flex:75/85/95/105/112/122
  • Curve: P92, P88, P28, PM9, P91A, P02 
  • Comes in White or Black
  • Comes in 60" heel to toe or 65" heel to toe lengths.