Obsidian HD Carbon Composite Shaft - 36"

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Developed with the Box Transition and Defensive player in mind. This Obsidian HD carries the same technology and performance as the field version but with added material for enhanced durability.  Strong enough to withstand the box game, but not too heavy to hinder performance. 

Are you tired of bending and snapping shafts? The Obsidian HD has been battle-tested and built to withstand repeated abuse, cross-checks, and slashes that come with the box game.  Backed by our industry-leading 12-month warranty and 30-day trial guarantee, you will not be disappointed. 

Engineered for performance. Unrivaled value.  There is simply no better box handle on the market for the price. 

This shaft measures 36" inches in length but can be cut down to the preferred length upon request (8 grams per inch weight reduction).

Key Features:

  • Grip FInish - Soft tac slightly rubbery finish that provides grip when you needed without tearing up the gloves. 
  • Weight - 300g 
  • Classic Concave Shape
  • Dynamic Flex
  • Impact Shield
  • Unmatched Warranty – 12 months
  • Available in Black & White.

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Tested in house vs. leading competitors, the Obsidian proves to have higher strength when compared against shafts in a similar weight class at a fraction of the price.



Proprietary non-woven thermoplastic material utilized in the outer layers of the lay-up which increases impact resistance and vibration dampening to absorb the toughest of checks while maintaining a lightweight structure.


Unique shape profile that features a slightly more extreme radius than the traditional concave shaft, without straying too far away from the conventional octagonal profile. Whether you're cradling one-handed, throwing fakes, passes, or shooting, the Ergo Grip shape feels awesome in your hands and fingertips.


Optimized for power and durability. Stiff enough to promote strong energy transfer while passing and shooting, flexible enough to absorb the hardest checking defenders. 


Fine Texture: For those who like a bit of a gritty, slightly raised texture for extra feel and control.

Grip: We tested countless coatings to come with the perfect balance of tack and smoothness. A slight rubbery finish that is just enough to create that non slip feel while still allowing smooth hand transitions without getting hung up.


Simple clean aesthetic and quality craftsmanship is the mark of the Primo brand.  You won’t find obnoxious, overzealous logos and branding on our products.  Reason being, these do not add any value to the performance of the product. Other brands use a new logo as a way to hide behind charging you more for the same product as last year’s model. You find this here at Primo.