Primo Absolute Pro Carbon Composite D Pole - 60"
Primo Absolute Pro Carbon Composite D Pole - 60"
Primo Absolute Pro Carbon Composite D Pole - 60"

Primo Absolute Pro Carbon Composite D Pole - 60"

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Simple, clean, durable yet lightweight. Primo Absolute Pro Carbon Composite D-Poles have everything you need & nothing you don't, including the crazy markups.   

Key Features:

    • Constructed with UD & 3k Carbon Fiber
    • Matte Finish
    • Weight 365 Grams (13.0 oz) +- 5 grams
    • Slight Concave Shape
    • Stiff Flex
    • 6-month Warranty
    • Available in Black & White

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Primo Absolute Pro Carbon Composite D Pole - 60"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
High quality for cheap

Definitely a great value. As strong and light as other high end carbon fiber shafts at half the price. Clean aesthetics and great customer service.


Great product. I have 2 Dpoles from the first production batch that had manufacturing quirks but have held up really well. This second batch Dpole is a fine quality polished item. Ideal weight, stiff flex, long lasting finish with subtle slip and grip with either gloves or bare skin. My only slight negative is due to personal choice in shape. This Dpole is oval and I like round. Primos shape great for finger tip control but if the skinny is againist my palms it feels off.
Great price. This is, basically, half the price of other “non-elite” carbon long sticks. Buy two or put the savings into food, training or a gym membership. That is what will make you a better player.
Great company. I applaud what Primo lacrosse is doing and yall should know your emails questions and suggestions will probably get a personal reply from the company CEO. Beat that Nike Warrior lacrosse

My son enjoyed using it!

My son used it during the spring season and he didn't have any complaints! It was his choice and it worked well for him!

Solid D-pole

Bought for son, 6”2” 285lb, kept snapping alloy shafts. Bought him this, has lasted for full varsity season. Great product, thanks!

Great D-Pole

I bought this D-Pole for my son (7th Grade) before the Spring season. Just ordered another one for his birthday present at his request. He prefers Primo over the competitor’s composite shafts that cost almost three times as much.